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Truthful Transport Customer - Anna  gave Truthful Transport a Review - “Excellent Experience”  Customer: Anna Date: Thursday, April 21, 2011 Truthful Transport Customer - Jack Doll gave Truthful Transport a Review - “Truthful Transport is exactly what their name states”
Truthful Transport Reviews
Customer: Jack Doll Date: Wednesday, July 6, 2011
I needed to move a sweet classic car from Ca. to Tx. after contacting and receiving quotes that averaged around $1500-$1600 for an enclosed I was beginning to think there were no shippers out there that were competitive in price and quality of delivery. I had given up and was ready to order the $1500. company when out of the blue a very helpful and sincere lady by the name of Nicole from Truthful Transport called me on a saturday morning and inquired if I still desired a transporter? Needless to say I was dumbfounded when she quoted a price which was almost half as much as some of the high quotes I received? I was reluctant at first and wanted to read the reviews and review how old a company they were? Well it turned out they are a relatively newer company which made me pause but after reviewing the feedback of reviews my gut feeling was I felt comfortable in hiring them. Don't believe that the most reasonable quote will end up being a poor decision? I'm not saying the cheapest quote always ends up being the smartest move, all I'm saying is for me the cheapest quote turned out to be a godsend. They were flexible on pick-up as I had to push back the original pick-up date as we were installing bags on the car and I didn't want to jam up the installer? The moment the car was ready I called them and to my disbelief they picked the car up the next day. The transport time was fast and the delivery went off without a scratch. I cannot with all honesty be anymore satisfied with the move of this car and the icing on the cake was the reasonable rate they charge? If your looking for a transporter look no more Truthful Transport will not disappoint. On a scale of 1-10 to me they are 10+ I will never use another transporter again other than Truthful! Sincerely Jack Doll Conroe Tx.
I had an excellent experience with Truthful Transport. They responded quickly and were one of the better values. I was very pleased with all of my interactions with them and recommend them highly to anyone needing to transport their vehicle.
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